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New Employee
Bild1 From February 1, Daniel Svensson will join us in the position as responsible for production engineering and technical...
Caring and Plastic
Elisolation is specialists in the processing of thermoplastics and reinforced fibre plastics.
The different material are used to produce machine elements or
for electrical isolation in normal and elevated temperatures. But
also for spare or wear parts in production.

A complete range of different plastic materials and dimensions are avaliable in our stock. All production, from cutting to finished product, takes place within our own workshop.
Along with short lead time through the entire process, we are a supplier to match most requirements for fast delivery.

Our machine operators has a specialized knowledge and experience. Together
with a modern machinery we ensure the right quality and workmanship
of machined components. Feel free to use our knowledge about plastics.
We can help you to the correct choice of material and function for all

Semi finished products
In our raw material stock there are a wide range of thermoplastics, thermosets
and flexible materials in many dimensions for quick delivery.

Elisolation will be best in two areas
There are two things that we Elisolation want to be the best at, caring and
plastics. We will always deliver machined plastic components and plastic
semi-finished products that meet or exceed our customers' needs.
Additionally, we will be a vendor that you appreciate and trust.
It may sound easy but we are working hard to always live up to
these objectives.

With genuine concern, we are swift with everything from offers to delivery.
Our entire organization is permeated by our willingness to stand up for our clients.
We provide all our combined expertise to develop the right products and are happy to provide suggestions for solutions.

Everything that is produced in Elisolation shall meet the customer's
quality requirements regarding materials, workmanship and delivery. We have raw material stock, a modern machinery and most importantly, knowledge and experience of our employees.

Elisolation - A company with width
Elisolation offers processing of components with a focus on thermosetting resin,
thermoplastic and flexible materials. We stock a wide range of raw materials
to ensure fast and safe delivery. Contact us if you are
interested components or semi-finished products:

  • Thermosets
  • Thermoplastics
  • Micanite
  • Insulation material for special high temperature
  • Special cable
  • Insulating tubes
  • Flexible insulating materials

Part of Söderbergföretagen

Elisolation included in Söderbergföretagen, an industry group with strong
subcontractors in plastic and steel industry. It gives us financial
strengths and opportunities for development. As our customer, you can take
advantage of our coordination in purchasing and production, giving you
cost effective solutions and high level of service.